In 1949 the master toolmaker Josef Weiss established Plexiweiss in Munich under the company name Josef Weiss Plastic GmbH. Processing metals and thermoplastics has always been our key business right from the beginning.

As early as 1956 we produced the first glazing for aircraft. Given the constant development of thermoplastics the company was able to serve a constantly increasing market. In 1972 this led to the establishment of a subsidiary in Hofolding (the administrative district of Munich, Germany). These premises became home to the company departments of “aviation glazings” and “thermoforming”. Since 1997, an additional machining plant was also established in Hofolding.

Since 2016, the company name  is Plexiweiss GmbH and its works are located in the industrial area of Holzkirchen, Germany.

Plexiweiss GmbH owns a state-of-the-art machine pool that enables up-to-date and always repeatable processing.