Processing Methods

Ever since the establishment of the company Josef Weiss Plastic we have followed the motto: "We make the impossible possible". We specialise in the professional processing of transparent plastic materials. The machine pool is customised to ensure the best possible visual quality. Our know-how and the experience of our staff ensure an efficient realisation of your ideas.

Both vacuum forming and thermoforming of transparent plates are suitable for the manufacturing of highly transparent and visually pure components. Thanks to our know-how we are able to maintain these properties even for large parts. We are able to handle plates with a size of up to 2.000 x 3.000 mm. Three-dimensional technical parts intended for small or medium-scale serial production are generally formed by machines.

Thermoforming machines of many different sizes are available to form the components. Depending on the size of the parts, we can choose the most cost-efficient machine for you. The thermoforming machines are equipped with integrated heating units, thus enabling highly precise heating of the plate material. All details of the three-dimensional forming are therefore precisely shaped.

In comparison to injection moulding, the forming method applied to plates is a more cost-efficient alternative for smaller series. The cost for forming tools in particular is significantly reduced. Depending on the design of the product, we use male or female tools and where necessary, a counter tool or counter-die. You can fully rely on our expertise – we will choose the appropriate processing method and tools.

At Plexiweiss, your custom-made parts are in good hands. We guarantee high dimensional accuracy, a variety of materials and retention of material-specific properties. Our service includes support in material selection, construction, tool engineering, prototype construction and serial production.

Thermoforming of acrylic glass, polycarbonate and other thermoplastics is one of our specialities. Materials up to a thickness of 250 mm (acrylic glass) and plates of up to 3.000 x 5.000 mm can be processed under thermoforming conditions. We always pay special attention to the visual quality – distortions and material inclusions are exclusion criteria for us.

Many different products can be manufactured using this production method. The product range for the aviation industry alone comprises cockpit glazings, side and observation panes of premium visual quality. Other industries commission us to produce viewing or protecting hoods. Light domes and promotional displays are also manufactured using thermoforming. We produce many components for aircraft manufacturers in series but also for motor sports events or racing cars.

You have also come to the right place when looking for prototypes. Our technical equipment allows for full surface or linear heating as well as heating by contact. Three-dimensional forming with premium visual quality are part of our daily business. If applicable, slightly bended parts can be manufactured by using tempering alone.
Hot bending also proves no problem for us. We are equipped with a folding machine that can handle long workpieces of up to 3 metres in length. Moulds are not required for this process.

The Perfection of Transparency

We employ all traditional and modern processing techniques such as turning, milling, drilling, filing and planing when handling transparent plastic materials. Transparent and translucent technical parts consisting of acrylic glass, polycarbonate and other thermoplastic materials have become integral parts in almost all areas of everyday life. A broad choice of materials is available from Plexiweiss directly from stock. Our quality management system ensures and maintains the high standard of our processes and products. Plexiweiss stands for quality, precision and reliability.

We also offer thread and laser cutting. A transparent thread can provide the final technical touch to a product. Transparent products such as bookends are extremely helpful when exhibiting samples in a museum. All processing methods deliver the transparency Plexiweiss is known for. Sanding, polishing and related processes are necessary processing steps which will lead to the perfect brilliancy of the finished product. We produce trophies for award ceremonies such as film awards, e.g. in the shape of a film reel consisting of polycarbonate and also offer personalised engravings.

The high-quality material that we use does not yellow. In daily use, scratches are sometimes difficult to avoid. Our service catalogue also comprises the professional removal of scratches where possible.  We will gladly provide you with a quote.

Joining Technologies

Transparent objects have become integral parts of our everyday life. The effect they have is stunning when skilled processing highlights the properties of these brilliant materials. Blister-free gluing, also of surfaces, represents only one of our strengths in this field. You can also benefit from our experience in terms of bolting, riveting, clamping or welding.. Depending on the application, we will recommend the best joining technology. The joints are long-lasting and characterised by their excellent look.


Computer-controlled machines are available in many different sizes. Both small and big parts can be fully automatically and cost-efficiently milled. Optionally, three to five axes can be addressed. This process always yields reliable contours that can be reliably incorporated in your series production.