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Many Advantages: Polycarbonate and PLEXIGLAS®– Automotive Overview

In the automotive field, transparent components are increasingly manufactured from polycarbonate and PLEXIGLAS®. Compared to mineral glass, this saves a lot of weight. This is a vital aspect for competitive cars such as the Porsche Cup Series. Polycarbonate is mostly shatter-proof; not only possesses a high-quality luminance but is also weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

Coloured, non-transparent plastic materials are suitable for the entire body of the car as well as single body components. A costly processing procedure such as painting, which is frequently associated with careful transportation and elaborate facilities such as cleanrooms, is made redundant by the use of tinted glossy plastic plates.

Transparent Plastic Materials

Racing cars require lightweight and shatter-proof window panes.. Glazings made from polycarbonate feature these particular properties. In comparison with mineral glass, plastic materials are a "flyweight". Moreover, polycarbonates such as Lexan® and Makrolon® are impact-resistant and shatter-proof. Due to these qualities they are fit to protect headlights and rear lights from stone chipping. Scratch-resistant properties are also in high demand. Polycarbonate panes can also be coated.




We employ hot forming for glazings that are intended for the motor sports industry. This allows for a reliable shape and the products can easily be installed in series. This production method is also perfectly suitable for initial models and prototypes. If time is of the essence, we can achieve short response times at an additional charge. Light covers are often produced using thermoforming.



In a next step, the outline of the transparent components is carved out. A variety of multi-axial, computer-controlled milling machines are available in this production step. The milled parts are highly suitable for serial production and reach a repeat accuracy of 98%.



Our clients enjoy creative freedom when it comes to designing their window panes. For example, black frames can be screen-printed to the transparent components..



Exclusive limousines require high-quality components. A glass partition that meets the high standards of a British limousine brand's royal luxury class was developed in cooperation with body development experts from the German company “Karosserie Entwicklung Thurner”..

Everything, from choosing the materials to processing, was coordinated with the client’s requests to achieve an entirely satisfying product that was fit for serial production. The partition pane is installed as an optional feature in the interior of the Rolls-Royce Phantom and divides the passenger compartment into a driver and passenger area. Its brilliant quality and immaculate workmanship meet the expectations of the clientele in this sector.


These days, coloured plastic components are common in the automotive and motorcycle industry. They sport the same colours as their painted cousins consisting of metal.

Here at Plexiweiss, we specialise in forming coloured plastic plates with high gloss finish. The shiny surface remains unblemished. Even large-scale components such as bonnets can be manufactured using vacuum forming. In this semi-automated procedure we shape plates up to a size of 2.000 x 3.000 mm.


The machine pool also offers production methods at a lower cost for smaller products. We manufacture everything from prototypes to series. In a next step, the shaped products will be post-processed using modern, computer-controlled multi-axial milling machines.


Ventilation windows

Keeping a cool head during a race will  always take you one step ahead. A sliding window allows fresh air to flow through the car while maintaining the aerodynamic properties of the car.



Hinged pivoted window

Should you require more air, a hinged pivoted window is an easy solution. It can be installed in no time. The window is 83 mm in diameter and only available without colour. It is especially suitable for straight or slightly arched panes with a thickness of between 1.5 and 5 mm.


Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Glazings

Equipping police cars and service vehicles with impact-resistant polycarbonate glazings will provide better protection for police and security personnel. The polycarbonate glazing with a scratch-resistant coating protects the vehicle's passengers against strong external impacts or missiles while maintaining clear outward vision.

Coated polycarbonate features the following properties:

  • great impact-resistance
  • ideal transparency
  • shatter-proof
  • scratch-resistance
  • double-sided UV-protection

Polycarbonate-glazing is available for:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • VW Crafter
  • VW T5 and T6
  • Other models upon request

We offer the following additional services for Polycarbonate Glazing:

  • Windshield approved for Switzerland
  • Screen printing is equivalent to OE-Glazing
  • Rear side windows of choice with visibility
  • Quality production
  • available from stock
  • Technical support for the customer

Mineral glass pane:

Fracture pattern of toughened glass caused by a missile.
Fracture pattern of toughened glass caused by a missile.

Polycarbonate pane:

Scratches on a PC-pane (polycarbonate) caused by a missile.
Scratches on a PC-pane (polycarbonate) caused by a missile.


Length of missile: 95 mm
Length of missile: 95 mm

Demo Movie:

Behavior of ESG and PC on impact of a missile.


Motorcycle windscreens are produced in series using thermoforming. Apart from an efficient production, brilliance and visual quality also play an important role. Depending on the shape of the windscreen, we choose the appropriate forming method in order to meet forming as well as visual requirements. Our machine pool is equipped for various options, including thermoforming and vacuum forming. We can handle plates of up to 2.000 x 3.000 mm.

Serial production is conducted on just-in-time basis according to client specifications. This significantly reduces inventory management and storage costs for our clients. Thermoforming is a cost-efficient alternative to injection moulding. Especially tool costs are considerably less expensive. Furthermore, thermoforming fully maintains the visual properties of the high-quality raw material.

Pre-delivery inspection

Our quality management has been certified in accordance with the latest standards. In order to maintain our proven high quality standards, we subject our windscreens to a final inspection at the end of production. Only immaculate products leave our premises for delivery to our clients.

Prototypes and concept cars

Prototype construction is an important component on the way to series production. We offer you an extensive product portfolio in the plastics market, which ranges from individual single pieces, concept and prototype parts to complete vehicle bodies.